We know it's been an interesting year.
We're collecting dedications and songs for people you've been thinking about.
In their presence or absence.

In the lead up to the 2021 Fremantle Biennale, an international hotline for dedications and song requests will be open by artist and choreographer Amrita Hepi.

Taking cue's from Noongar Radio's popular radio show Inside Out, the hotline invites you to leave a dedication, a message or a song, to a loved one you haven't seen due to the nature of confinement.

Collected dedications will be used by the artist in the premiere of a new dance and sound work for the Fremantle Biennale this November.

Call 0474 855 765
Leave a voice message to those we are missing today


Amrita Hepi (b. 1989, Townsville of Bundjulung/Ngapuhi territories) is an award winning artist working with dance and choreography through video, the social function of performance spaces, installation and objects. Using hybridity and the extension of choreographic or performative practices, Amrita creates work that considers the body's relationship to personal histories and the archive.

Amrita has worked with leading Australian dance companies and choreographers such as Marrugeku, Force Majeure, The Western Australian Indigenous Dance company (Ochres) Melanie Lane, Bhenji Ra and Victoria Chiu. She has been an artist-in-residence at BANFF Centre for the Arts Canada, ACE OPEN South Australia, PACT Sydney.


By leaving an audio recording through the hotline, you agree and acknowledge that your contribution (in whole or part) may be used by the artist, Amrita Hepi and the Fremantle Biennale in the presentation of Outside In. You also consent to the use of the audio recording for marketing and media purposes by Amrita Hepi and the Fremantle Biennale.

Outside In is a new project by Amrita Hepi commissioned by and presented for the upcoming Fremantle Biennale, 5 – 21 November 2021.

Standard Australian mobile call charges apply.