Navy Club, 64 High St
11 Nov | Sat | 4pm-12pm

'The ocean has retired this morning and does so everyday. In this eternal dance the tide always brings something different before returning to Poseidon at dawn. What to expect when she comes in at the end of the day? You'll be astonished to discover what lives under the rising surface. Dive deep, and find yourself translated. Perhaps more sensitive to that bass line you never heard that way before. Or maybe notice a slight side to side hip movement. Suddenly, you close your eyes, and can't resist those steel drums which ordinarily sound more trivial than tribal. Which part of yourself did you encounter when the water was high?'

ClubMed and High Tide are inviting you to take a plunge on the observation deck of the eponymous Navy Club to celebrate King Tide.

King Tide is presented by ClubMed, the Navy Club and supported by Otherside Brewing Co.