High Tide Hub


Sun Down Low is a two-hour long drone duo for drum and bass that turns the listeners expectations of these instruments inside out. Usually linked together in a rhythm section of a band - here the bass and drums become durational soloists in an unusual, exciting and unexpected way - through long form structures, repetition, loops and long, warm drones that explore different textures and intersections. Now and then the two parts lock together, but only fleetingly. The work is at times intense, at other times undulating and punctured by the energy of drumming and the viscerality of bass tones. Being in their durational 'outside world' will be their 'site of free' rather than self-induced imprisonment. A ritual bereft of distraction. Their 'noise' will be their 'quiet', as they submit and focus into a time and space that has different complications and mess of choice. Unrehearsed and unmeasured, Havelock Stevens and Hope resonate with their unpredictable experiment of mind and physicality, this sound-scape will ultimately deliver unexpected outcomes for themselves and audience alike.

This project has been supported by Monash University and Tura New Music.