Fremantle Biennale launches on 1 November with a full program of arts and cultural events. We are looking for volunteers as guides, production support and attendants for some of our exciting projects focussed in the West End of Fremantle.

To hear more about the opportunities available register your interest with Laure Bernard:

Calling Fremantle Households!

Calling Fremantle households and water enthusiasts!

Fremantle Biennale are calling for Fremantle locals and households to be a part of 'Drinking Water' a participatory art project taking place this November.

Led by artists Sete Tele (WA) and Lisa Hirmer (Canada) 'Drinking Water' is a participatory artwork that encourages all communities to transition to new ways of sharing water.

Responding to the precarity of water systems around the world, the artists invite Fremantle households to consider new ways of sourcing and collecting their own water.

Drawing on survival techniques for tracing and gathering water, the artists will workshop with participating households to devise a unique water gathering process and collection method tailored to each home and Fremantle's local environmental conditions.

Culminating in a community water event and art installation at Moores Building, this work will create a collective space to consider our relationship to this vital resource and the future of water sustainability within Fremantle.

If you and your household are interested in being a part of this project, please contact us at